VEM Vacuum Engineering and Materials



The photonics industry is one of the fastest growing segments of the high technology industry. Photonics covers a huge breadth of rapidly expanding industries throughout the world. From fiber optic communications to photonic computing, VEM is working with companies to create innovative new technology. Our semiconductors and thin film solutions are world class and will help you keep pace with this fast paced industry. Whether you’re in optical communications or optical coatings, we provide a breadth of materials to meet your needs.

Our components include:

Evaporation Materials: VEM provides evaporation materials ranging from pure elements to compounds and alloys. We provide our metals in many shapes and sizes from small granules and wire to large pellets to suit any needs. VEM will collaborate with you to provide you with materials to your specifications.

Sputtering Targets: VEM is a leading producer of Sputtering Targets. VEM’s Sputtering Targets are made from an array of high quality metals and precious metals with purities of up to 99.99999%.  We take care to assure that they are durable enough to stand up to any customer’s needs. Our Sputtering Targets are available in a wide array of shapes and sizes on request.

Backing Plates: We provide high quality backing plates made from a number of metals. VEM uses high purity indium bonding on our plates to create a durable bond to a Target. We will design and bond plates to your specifications.