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Vacuum Engineering & Materials supplies a variety of high quality elemental and composite evaporation materials in a full range of purities and dimensions to suit any customer needs. We provide precious metals (Gold Au, Iridium Ir, Palladium Pd, Platinum Pt, Rhodium Rh, Ruthenium Ru and Silver Ag) as well as non-precious thin film materials. All pellets are available in 0.250" x 0.250" or 0.125" or 0.125" and we also supply custom sizes tailored to your unique requirements. VEM can supply by the gram, kilogram, troy ounce, pound, pellet, granules, shot, slug, spool and starter source in any of our available purities. Let us know the material dimensions, composition, and purity, and we will deliver to your requirements. We stock frequently requested evaporation materials. See our manufacturing methods for more information on how we produce evaporation materials. Also, see our Thin Film Evaporation Guide.

VEM leads the way with our Ultra-Pure Au Gold (UP AuTM) evaporation materials - manufactured using high-purity, sourced materials.  Our proprietary process for manufacturing Gold (Au) evaporation materials minimizes spitting by reducing carbon and other contaminants resulting in improved yield and increased production uptime.  VEM Ultra-Pure Au elemental and composite evaporation materials are available in a variety of industry standard volumes and sizes.

Let us know the material and dimensions you need on the order page and we'll deliver to your requirements. If you let us know what tool you use, we probably have the specifications.