VEM Vacuum Engineering and Materials


As a direct result of growing customer demand for shield kit cleaning services, VEM has a dedicated facility in Dallas, Texas which provides precision parts cleaning and surface treatment of PVD shield kits, as well as other process kit types, for manufacturers in the semiconductor, photonics, LED, data storage, aerospace & defense and life sciences industries. In addition to NEW, automated robotic controlled Twin Wire Arc Spray (TWAS) and Plasma Spray capability, the investment includes equipment for ultrasonic cleaning, clean room drying, bake out, new cleaning processes, and a clean room certified to Class 100.

The Twin Wire Arc Spray is a leading-edge technology that increases mean wafer between clean (MWBC) by applying enhanced, textured coating on critical chamber components. The textured coating provides increased surface area of the parts and allows more material to be deposited as well as better deposition adhesion for better particle control. The Plasma Spray system allows for the ability to coat chamber components with high purity ceramic films, such as Al2O3 and Y2O3 to extend part life and improve surface cleanliness of parts.