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Vacuum Engineering and Materials provides the services you need for the highest quality components your products require. Our shield cleaning, material reclamation, and consignment programs allow our customers to incorporate the very best materials into their designs. Our one-stop shield cleaning includes shield kit cleaning, class 1000 ultrasonic cleaning, final QC, and clean room packaging as well. The clean room packaging allows direct installation into the PVD sputtering and/or evaporation chamber.

We offer the industry’s best settlement times for precious pure metal, chamber scraping, mixed metal, and bead blasting material reclamation. We provide reclamation services for most materials. To make the best out of your inventory management, we offer consignment programs to our customers with the most reduced lead times available. Our range of services fulfills your every PVD  sputtering and evaporation material need. If you’re wondering how we can assist your business, chat with our customer service team today. Contact Vacuum Engineering and Materials today to learn how we can help you leave the competition behind.

Shield Cleaning & Reclaim

Bonding Services

One-stop shield cleaning services provide low cost, high quality and on-time delivery. VEM provides reclaim services for most metals. Sputter target bonding is critical to maintain target stability.  For all applications that require bonding, VEM offers bonding services as well as as scanning ability to provide the best quality bonds. Contact VEM for more information.