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From cutting edge R&D needs to large production requirements, VEM offers a full range of product and service solutions.  Our product portfolio, ranging from high purity PVD sputtering targets to evaporation materials, spans the periodic table and we have an experienced technical team developing innovative new products, such as VEM's proprietary Ultra Pure Au Process  -  UP AuTM - that increases yield and production uptime.  VEM also provides in-house target bonding, crucible liners, backing plates, precious metal reclamation, shield cleaning services and customized solutions for each and every customer's unique requirements.

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Sputtering Targets

VEM leads the way supplying state-of-the-art sputtering targets - available in a breadth of materials and dimensions. We provide precious material sputtering targets (Gold Au, Platinum Pt, Silver Ag, Palladium Pd, etc...) and non precious metals (Al, Ta, WTi, Mo, Cu, V, etc...). We stock frequently requested sputtering targets for all PVD systems. Available for round, rectangular, S-Gun, ConMag, Quantum, Delta, Ring and multi-tiled configurations in purities ranging from 99.9% to 99.9999%.

Evaporation Materials

VEM supplies evaporation materials (pellets, wire and slugs) in a full range of purities and dimensions. We stock frequently requested evaporation materials. See our Thin Film Evaporation Guide here.

Backing Plates

VEM supplies backing plates for most sputtering tools.

Crucible Liners

VEM supplies crucible liners for most evporation systems.


Custom Orders

VEM supplies PVD materials for unique requirements. Specify your material composition, purity, and dimensions and we will deliver to your requirements.

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