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The most trusted supplier of high-quality thin film materials for over 25 years

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About Vacuum Engineering & Materials:

Vacuum Engineering & Materials is a leading manufacturer of high-purity thin film materials used in the semiconductor, wireless, photonics, LED, data storage, aerospace & defense and life sciences markets. We provide PVD sputtering targets, evaporation materials, target bonding services, crucible liners, shield cleaning and reclaim services. Headquartered in Silicon Valley with over 25 years of experience, VEM serves over 250 customers globally and has a track record for providing outstanding service and support.




VEM as Your Alloy Ally:

Hear from VEM's Technical Director, Dr. Dan Marx, regarding some of the issues and challenges facing Thin Film Material Engineers for optimizing sputtered thin film alloy selection. In this webinar, you'll see how to:

• Tailor thin film alloys to meet device requirements

• Utilize alloying to stabilize properties

• Develop new alloy films for new devices