VEM Vacuum Engineering and Materials


Drying, Inspection, and Packaging

  • Parts are N2 dried after rinsing, then moved under the clean room heat lamps for final drying.
  • The final bagging area also has HEPA filters and blowers to maintain a class 100 environment during packaging.
  • Ar or N2 is used to purge the bag prior to vacuum sealing to remove any residual moisture which could oxidize the part surface while sealed.
  • Surface particles are measured in the clean room using a Dryden Qiii surface particle monitor.
  • A vacuum wand is moved across the part and any loose particles are collected and read by a laser particle counter in the unit.
  • Particles are measured down to 0.3um particle size and up to 10um size.
  • Surface contaminants are also monitored using a blue light (near the UV spectrum).  Organic and other contaminants light up (fluoress) when subjected to the blue light wavelength.
  • Parts are transferred from the pre-clean room to the cleanroom via a pass-through area.